Policy Impact Masterclass – 20 May 2020 recording

Recording: Our Masterclass series endeavours to provide practical advice for researchers about how to engage with policy-makers as well as provide researchers with the opportunity to ask questions on how best to engage with the policy-making world. Listen to the recording of this excellent masterclass with Jane Golley and Nick Biddle. As part of the … Continue reading Policy Impact Masterclass – 20 May 2020 recording

The challenge of sound public policy

Speech transcript: In this speech delivered at the ANU Crawford School of Public Policy in 2019, Sally Moyle reflects on the challenges facing the public service in delivering sound public policy, and how the academic community can rise to the vision of former Chancellor, Sir John Crawford. This speech was part of the launch of … Continue reading The challenge of sound public policy

The New Practice of Public Problem Solving

Media article A new class of innovators is advancing the public good by figuring out what people actually need and then testing, improving, and scaling solutions that may already be out there. Tara McGuinness and Anne-Marie Slaughter present the four elements of their method. click here for article

Six strategies to ensure policies are backed by evidence

Blog post Danielle Campbell and Gabriel Moore present six evidence-based strategies for ensuring policies are informed by relevant research in the I2 Insights blog. Their research focus is on health policy, but their findings do have broader applications. click here to read full text

Making an academic contribution to public policy

Sean Innis As anyone with experience in government knows, developing policy is a complex, contested process with many uncertainties and vagaries. Worthy policy ideas long in development and thoughtful in design are often left on the cutting room floor, while other ideas emerge with little thought or planning seemingly from nowhere. From the perspective of … Continue reading Making an academic contribution to public policy