Evidence and policy

Blog post: Ten simple insights from Kat Smith and Paul Cairney synthesising the relationship between evidence and policy, with an introduction from Sean Innis. The role of evidence in policy is oft discussed but little understood.  There is a powerful common view that evidence should determine public policy and much wringing of hands from people … Continue reading Evidence and policy

What is the question, exactly?

Subho Banerjee, Research Program Director, ANZSOG Successful collaboration between practitioners and academics can play a critical role in strengthening the evidence base for public policy decision-making. Yet it remains a rarity to see it done in a manner which is genuinely satisfying for both sides, and which generates real impact in the public policy process. … Continue reading What is the question, exactly?

Making an academic contribution to public policy

Sean Innis As anyone with experience in government knows, developing policy is a complex, contested process with many uncertainties and vagaries. Worthy policy ideas long in development and thoughtful in design are often left on the cutting room floor, while other ideas emerge with little thought or planning seemingly from nowhere. From the perspective of … Continue reading Making an academic contribution to public policy