Policy Impact Masterclass – 26 August 2020 recording

Recording: Watch our latest policy impact masterclass. While the session was designed as a bespoke workshop for researchers from the Centre for Biodiversity Analysis, the conversation holds some gems that researchers in other fields can benefit from. https://videopress.com/v/fLJJdnSB?preloadContent=metadata Masterclasses bring a panel of senior academics and practitioners who have significant experience working with policy makers … Continue reading Policy Impact Masterclass – 26 August 2020 recording

Evidence and policy

Blog post: Ten simple insights from Kat Smith and Paul Cairney synthesising the relationship between evidence and policy, with an introduction from Sean Innis. The role of evidence in policy is oft discussed but little understood.  There is a powerful common view that evidence should determine public policy and much wringing of hands from people … Continue reading Evidence and policy

How to engage with policy makers: A guide for academics in the arts and humanities

Guide: A guide from the UK's Institute for Government, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), bringing together some of the learning from their six year partnership on the Engaging with Government programme - framed in the light of a post-COVID-19 world, where the government’s response and the questions now being asked about the … Continue reading How to engage with policy makers: A guide for academics in the arts and humanities

Policy Impact Masterclass – 20 May 2020 recording

Recording: Our Masterclass series endeavours to provide practical advice for researchers about how to engage with policy-makers as well as provide researchers with the opportunity to ask questions on how best to engage with the policy-making world. Listen to the recording of this excellent masterclass with Jane Golley and Nick Biddle. As part of the … Continue reading Policy Impact Masterclass – 20 May 2020 recording

A framework to evaluate the impacts of research on policy and practice

Blog post: Laura Meagher and David Edwards write for Integration and Implementation Insights about an evaluation framework they have developed and tested in the UK which addresses a number or common and reasonable questions about what impact actually is, whether it is meaningful, and how to proceed in the future. click here to read

What is the question, exactly?

Subho Banerjee, Research Program Director, ANZSOG Successful collaboration between practitioners and academics can play a critical role in strengthening the evidence base for public policy decision-making. Yet it remains a rarity to see it done in a manner which is genuinely satisfying for both sides, and which generates real impact in the public policy process. … Continue reading What is the question, exactly?

Today’s Problems, Yesterday’s Toolkit

Report: Public problems are increasingly complex, requiring coordinated solutions across many actors and public involvement to collect the necessary data, define the problems, and work together on solutions. This report from ANZSOG builds on surveys across the public sector to build a picture of the state of innovation and views towards entrepreneurial approaches to problem … Continue reading Today’s Problems, Yesterday’s Toolkit