The Impact Library is a collection of resources curated by the ANU Public Policy and Societal Impact Hub, refreshed monthly. Find useful resources from a range of leading public policy voices around Australia and the world. For more information about how The Hub can help you build skills in making your academic work have impact in public policy discourse, click here.

Quarterly Article

What is the question, exactly?

Subho Banerjee illustrates a common pitfall in collaboration projects between academics and public policy practitioners – differing expectations in what constitutes a successful output. Through a case study, Subho shows that by taking the time to define the question early in a project, later problems can be avoided.

Latest resources

A framework to evaluate the impacts of research on policy and practice

Laura Meagher and David Edwards write for Integration and Implementation Insights about an evaluation framework they have developed and tested in the UK which addresses a number or common and reasonable questions about what impact actually is, whether it is meaningful, and how to proceed in the future.

Policy Impact Masterclass:
20 May Recording

LISTEN to our recent policy impact masterclass with Prof Jane Golley and Prof Nicholas Biddle.
Our Masterclass series endeavours to provide practical advice for researchers about how to engage with policy-makers as well as provide researchers with the opportunity to ask questions on how best to engage with the policy-making world.

Policy Forum: Making an Impact

Paul Harris and Björn Dressel comment in Policy Forum on the societal impact of public policy schools and offer some suggestions on how to better measure and evaluate that.

Ten ways to optimize evidence-based policy

Peter Bragge presents ten considerations for optimising evidence-based policy, drawn from experience in delivering applied behavior change research to government in Future Medicine.

The challenge of sound public policy

Sally Moyle reflects on the challenges facing the public service in delivering sound public policy, and how the academic community can rise to the vision of former Chancellor, Sir John Crawford.

How to influence policy making in a political world

Slides presented by Quentin Grafton at the Public Policy and Societal Impact Hub’s recent Policy Masterclass and Q&A on 7 November 2019.

A note from the Director

Welcome to the Impact Library. 

The Library is designed for the ANU academic community. Within it are valuable insights and tips on how to maximise the contribution you make to public policy. The design of the Library recognises that there is no single or simple path to policy impact. As a consequence, we have brought together thinking on policy impact from a variety of people and sources, to help you decide what might work for you. The Library will be a living resource, updated regularly, with new insights from a variety of experts. 

A key feature of the Library will be the ability for you to connect to experts who have deep experience in bringing the academic and policy worlds together.

ANU has a proud tradition of contributing positively to policy making here and overseas. The Impact Library will help us continue and build on that tradition.

Sean Innis
Director, Public Policy and Societal Impact Hub

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